Innovate and Optimise

Automate your invoice processing and reach compliance

Reduce energy costs and improve operational profitability

Build your unique sustainability platform and be innovative

Trinergy empowers you to make smart decisions

Invoice process digitalisation

Capture, analyse, treat and archive your incoming invoices. Increase your reporting transparency and exactitude. Facilitate audit readiness and consumption forecasting. Integrating process automation through AI, a smarter way to improve your invoicing data.

Energy contract management

Enjoy hassle-free energy supplier management. From market analysis of procurement process flow to dealing with your tenants’ requirements and urgencies, we’ve got you covered. Your dedicated Energy Service Desk will identify opportunities, mitigate risk and empower you to reduce your costs and your environmental impact.

Sustainability platform

A comprehensive energy and multifluid data cloud platform bringing clarity in your complex and multiple data sources. Report up to the m2, build your energetic behavior reports, gain insights on where to decrease CO2, comply with ISO50001 and improve your building value. Convert data into actionable insights and achieve your sustainability goals.

Your roadmap, our expertise

An ever-complex landscape requires for businesses to step up and accelerate actions to meet the expectations of your customers, co-owners and investors. Bring your project from ideation to execution in a timely and energetic way with our dedicated expertise.

Invoice process digitalisation:

Nexity Belgium administers over 300 buildings, representing a flow of 50 000 invoices per year. Speed, accuracy and transparency were our biggest challenges.

Trinergy enable us to fully automate the invoice processing, leading to:

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Error rate reduction
  3. Clear approval flow
  4. Payment status report for our suppliers
  5. Full traceability
  6. Easy archiving and reporting

Going paperless attributes to our commitment to CO2 neutrality.

Through AI, the solution improves its knowledge and adapts to our business needs, our efficiency keeps increasing by the invoice.

The approval flow is very detailed and offers clear, full traceability. The perfect audit trail!

  • Marc Milcamps

  • Nexity Belgium

Reduce OPEX

Automate 100%

Audit trail

Full visibility

Energy Contract Management:

We partner with Trinergy since 2015. Their thorough knowledge and vast expertise of the energy market helped us save budget and time. Our co-owners and tenants are happy to pay less.

The reasons we partner with Trinergy are multiple:

  1. A top-notch customer centric service, easy to access, to set up and to use and always efficient
  2. Integrated digital solutions enabling full visibility
  3. Our sustainability goals can now be reached

Transparent and comprehensive communication towards our customers and employees and operational efficiency improved

  • Haike De Vogelaere

  • Cushman Wakefield

Analysis on projected savings

Brokerage, from renegotiation to continued optimisation

Professional Energy Service Desk

Monitoring of usage vs invoice

Sustainability platform:

Innovation is a key value for the Codabel team.

Partnering with Trinergy means that they can rely on expertise to make their energy vision and sustainability strategy happen:

  1. 1. Sustainability roadmap to reach greenhouse emission goals
  2. 2. Comprehensive platform allowing to compare buildings, floors, m2,…
  3. 3. Digitalisation of all incoming invoices, providing transparency to Codabel’s customers

Expertise, end-to-end supplier management, digital multi-fluid platform and critical insights that inform CO2 reducing business decisions

  • Gaetan Leroux

  • Codabel

Impact your consumption

Reach ISO50001

Achieve your CO2 KPIs

Your roadmap, our expertise:

When reaching out to Trinergy, we needed to understand how we could reduce our energy spend per immediate and build solid knowledge to reach our strategic KPIs of energy optimisation in a very complex environment.

Since 2018, Trinergy has enabled us to save money and take future-proof decisions to optimise our energy contract portfolio.

The BNP Energy Business Intelligence platform gives us clear insights in consumption, spend and budget data when and where we need them.

Partnering with Trinergy long term brings us the expertise and no-nonsense approach to execute on our corporate environmental responsibility goals.

Optimise our energy spend and gain consistent business insights that enable us to execute on is a strategic priority for BNP

  • Thierry Jacqmin

  • Head of Facility Management BNP Paribas Fortis

Insights that drive change

Co-creation of your roadmap

Resource optimisation

Benchmark and market overviews

Contract assessment

Data collection quality

Streamlined reporting

Enabling you to transform findings into specific and profitable actions

Our vision

Today, organizations must accomplish a little more each day while consuming less. The market has never been more disruptive. What does 'Data is the new oil' mean? Why is there so much talk about ecological impact? Can we combine progress and sustainability?

At Trinergy, we are convinced that innovation is not a risk but the solution.

Reducing unnecessary costs, optimizing energy consumption, digitising business processes and enhancing data are crucial elements to make the right investment decisions.

Shaping a future where people, planet, and economy thrive together.

Meet the team

Our mission

Every company can make a difference by making decisions that are truly sustainable and profitable at the same time. Our mission is to offer a true partnership, services and expertise to achieve this goal. We create unique solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that reduce energy costs, optimise internal processes and help attain your overall carbon footprint targets. We like to simplify and remain pragmatic by focusing on your sustainable profitability and cost reduction.

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5€ saving per digitalised incoming invoice

10x less errors in invoice treatment

100% incoming invoices on 1 platform

Energy invoices reduced by 17% average

12% CO2 reduction reported

11 500+ buildings in portfolio

About us

We are proud to work with talented, enthusiastic and dedicated individuals, they are the foundations of Trinergy.

Our customer success managers, developers, energy consultants and co-founders alike pursue one goal: ensure a positive impact on your business.

Technological innovation using automation and artificial intelligence enables us to turn complex data into clear, transparent and actionable insights that drive decisions.

Our teams continues to build Trinergy's international footprint with the goal to augment your satisfaction.

Our team

Expertise that drives trust

Hélène Ghem

Key Account Manager


Jhon El Masri

Key Account Manager


Axel Vervondel

Sales Manager


Florence Berghman

Customer Care Manager


Terry Madinganu

Customer Care Manager


Magaly Stievenart

Customer Care Manager


Pauline Kaise

Customer Care Manager


Nicolas Rosseels

IT Specialist


Charles Buysschaert

T Specialist


Alexandre Uyttendaele

Digital Deployment Manager


Antoine Le Grelle

Digital Deployment Manager


Eduardo Martinez

Digital Deployment Manager


Vincent Duez

Digital Deployment Manager


Alexandre Ben Atra

Digital Deployment Manager


Luca Bramé

Digital Deployment Manager


Guillaume Herinckx

Communication Manager


Chloé De Clercq

Legal Manager


Antoine Herinckx

Co-Founder & Head of IT

Nicolas Herinckx

Co-Founder & Head of Sales & Operations


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